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Ron Stokes Sr. 

We take on all jobs. Located in Berryville and Frederick County. We cover all carpentry and remodel jobs and also include decking,painting,roofing,gutters,walkways,flooring, and more. give us a call to get your free estimate today.

Ronald S Stokes SR

12x32 custom carport


18.09.2020 19:19


Do you repair/repace drop tile ceilings in a business?

02.08.2018 11:56

Mark Cohen-Camp Moss Hollow

12494 Moss Hollow rd. Markham Va 22643

16.02.2018 18:33

Stephen Stokes

Yes my number is 540-514-1194. Im am interested and avaiable to look at the work that needs completed. I will be available to talk around 5:00 leave your calling info with my email and we can talk. Th

15.02.2018 23:45

Tami rice

Hi I am interested in scheduling an estimate for staining a deck and fence. If this isn’t too small of a job please let me know when you are available. I am off all day Monday 2-19. 5403981310